How to Identify Spam

How to Identify Spam!

We have had several issues with spam emails coming through. We want to help inform you on how to identify spam and protect yourself from these emails. See the steps below on what to look out for and how to manage these emails.

What to look for: 

1. No subject on the email.  This is not something our Pastors would do.
2. Lots of extra spaces or unusual punctuation usage
3. Non-native English wording that doesn’t sound like Pastor Adam
4. A favor or request that seems unusual.
5. If you look at the sender’s email, you can see it is not an official email address, but rather a generic email.  Keep in mind that anyone can create an email address with gmail or other services.
6. Do not reply since this tells the scammer you are susceptible to scams.  Instead, look for an option to BLOCK the contact or to Move the message to Junk.