Building For The Kingdom

Building For The Kingdom

On Sunday, December 10th, Pastor Adam announced that we will be starting a pledge drive with the intention of purchasing the North Campus building. If you missed service on Sunday, please check out that announcement below:

Pledge Form & Giving

You can fill out your pledge form by clicking below. These forms are kept confidential. You can also give directly to the fund through online giving. Our initial drive will be held December 10th - March 10th.

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Fundraising Progress


Is my pledge above and beyond my normal giving?

A pledge drive is intended to be a gift above and beyond our normal contributions. 

What is the difference between my give amount and pledge amount?

The give amount is the actual amount you will give to the church by June 1, 2024. The pledge amount is the total funds you plan to give over five years.

Why are we holding a five-year campaign?

The church is desiring to avoid taking on debt and is taking pledges to understand the body's commitment to the project.