Adam Baker

Senior Pastor

Office: (262)-338-0725

    I am blessed to serve as the senior pastor of West Bend Community Church in West Bend, WI.  I was called to this role in 2014 and I have found it pure joy to serve God in this way.  I received my Master’s degree in Practical Theology from Regent University and B.A. in Business and Accounting from the University of Pittsburgh.  I have worked in varying levels of corporate management over the last 20+ years.  I continue to grow in my faith and I enjoy being able to share my life and learnings with others. I desire that all would be called to God through Jesus Christ and I am thankful to be used as a connecting point in that amazing work of God. My wife, Jenny, and our four children are thankful for the love and joy we have felt at Community and we are certain you will experience the same.

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