Dave Stone

Director of Care

Office: (262)-338-0725

Mobile: (262)-388-0719

    Worship and music go hand in hand. Like many others in our church, I am blessed to be able to worship God with other musically gifted brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. I experience immense joy and have a great passion for singing and playing instruments for the sake of the kingdom and the sake of God's great glory. Our technical brothers and sisters in projection, production, and sound are gifted by the Lord in humble and skilled seamless ministry to aid us all in worship. Our ushers and greeters are some of the warmest and friendliest people who help all of us feel so welcome. My wife Jean and I are most grateful for this opportunity at Community Church to share the joy and love of Jesus through music in worship. We hope you experience the love, joy, and wonder of God at Community Church also.

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