Single Parent Ministry

An Invitation to Single Parents 

The bible tells us we live in a broken world. It doesn’t appear to be getting fixed any time soon. Roughly 40% of children in America are now being raised in households without both natural parents. The consequences of this are devastating: to parents, to children and to our civilization as a whole.

 The bible tells men to love their wives and wives to respect their husbands. That’s a loaded passage. Men are designed to conquer and take care of things. Women are designed for relationships.  Those roles may overlap but they’re not interchangeable. When we break up a household we’re demanding one or another of those parents (in nearly all cases) to wear two hats, one of which they’re not designed for. That’s in addition to working a full time job as bread winner. It’s a nearly impossible task. 

Households Under Stress 

Despite the best efforts of hard working and well meaning parents to raise their children,  when one or another parent is missing or largely absent, the effects on their children are pronounced.  Often unrecognized, the driving force in too many children’s lives is trauma. Breaking up a household, moving, changing schools, finding new friends, integrating with new step siblings and a host of other issues assault our children and challenge their view of the world and sense of well being. 


Trauma triggers grieving, the process by which we try to adjust to the damage to our status quo . When children are not allowed or helped to grieve thru the shock to their status quo before being hit with another trauma, and another and another, sooner or later many of them “check out”. They stop solving and facing life’s problems and turn to ways to manipulate their mood to escape the pain: drugs, alcohol, sex, thrill seeking and a host of other mechanisms. In the meantime the primary parent continues to wear two hats  while working to provide and living with a growing sense of frustration and sense of helplessness. 

We Can Help 

At Community Church we have decided to address this issue head on. Our church family includes a wealth of seasoned Christians who have walked with the Lord collectively for generations. Men and women who have raised their children, including some who have faced the challenges of single parenting and are willing to come alongside hurting households to support struggling parents and to help mentor our youth: to help them face life’s challenges and also to help them find their gifts and passions and channel their energies into wholesome directions.

 If you are struggling as a parent; or if you sense your children are having difficulty adjusting to the challenges of life please reach out to us. There is no shame in asking for help and probably no closer family than your church family willing to share your burdens. We want to help.

 For information or to get connected contact Bob Lawton or Harrison Townsend, or contact one of our pastors. If you’re dealing with sensitive issues we respect that and are discreet at keeping confidences and helping you find appropriate resources.