Stay Informed and Connected with the Family

Daily Devotion with Pastor Dan

On Sunday morning before, during, and after the service we want to connect and pray with you as needed! We have created Zoom meeting rooms to gather and pray together throughout the service.

If you are not familiar with zoom, you will click the link below for the meeting room and you will need to download the driver to participate in the video meeting.

Prayer Room Open at 9:45AM:

We have created a meeting room to gather in fellowship after the service as well. We want to connect with you through the blessing that technology is throughout this! 

If you are not familiar with zoom, you will click the link below for the meeting room and you will need to download the driver to participate in the video meeting.

Fellowship Room Open at 11:00AM:

How to Find Us Live

How will we remain connected?

We will livestream our Sunday morning service at 10:00am. You can find our livestream below. Please join us as we meet online as a church family and be sure to say hello in the chat! 


On Wednesday evening at 7:00pm we will be live-streaming a prayer and worship service. Please join us for this service weekly.


God sightings! Those of you who have children who attended VBS last summer, ask them about this! We spent the end of each day sharing with one another what we saw God doing. We encouraged each other to Watch For God throughout each day.

Please take the time to Watch for God during this time and send in an email or a family video sharing with us what your God sightings are! We will post these on FB unless you inform us that you would like yours to remain confidential.

God Sighting

A Message From Ashley

March 15th, 2020

March 22, 2020

Family Sunday March 29th, 2020

March 15th, 2020

March 22, 2020

March 29, 2020

Preschool & Elementary March 15, 2020


Preschool & Elementary March 22, 2020

Preschool & Elementary Lesson 4

Elementary & Preschool Serve Poster

Joshua 1:9 Art Poster

Middle School March 15, 2020

Testimony Chart

Ministry Updates

Please click on each ministry to see the current status.

Sunday Morning Services

We will be determining week by week if we will continue holding online services or if we will gather together in person. Notice will be posted on Thursday evening of each week.

4/5/20: Service will be livestreamed

Children's Ministry: Discovery Land Lessons can be found on the DL section of this page.

Catalyst Groups & Group Meetings

All groups that are held within the church building have been suspended. If you have a group that meets outside of the church, you can make the call on if you meet or not. 

If you choose to continue meeting in your homes, please take the necessary precautions in regards to sanitizing, and if you are sick, please stay home.

Groups that meet in the church building that have been suspended include:

  • Uncommon Men's Study
  • Risen Motherhood
  • How to Read the Bible for all it's Worth
  • Furno/Bolender
  • A Biblical Approach to Money Matters
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Tuesday Ladies Bible Study
  • Ladies Book Club

Girls Night Out

The event scheduled for 4/4/20 is currently suspended.

Easter Journey for Children

The event scheduled for 4/5/20 is currently suspended.

Seder Meal Sampling

The event scheduled for 4/8/20 is currently suspended. 

Good Friday

The service scheduled for 4/10/20 has been suspended and will be live-streamed.

Senior Luncheon

The event scheduled for 4/23/20 is currently suspended.

Young Adult - The Gathering

Regular meetings and events for The Gathering are currently suspended.

Middle School - Epic

All regular meetings and events have been suspended.

Ruby's Pantry & Family Promise


How can we be praying for you?

Prayer Request