Community Church North:

The Kewaskum area has been steadily growing for the past 10 years. Despite the consistent growth, there is still a large evangelical void. Community Church intends to bring the Gospel message to this community, and surrounding communities in a biblical and Christ-centered manner through worship services and service to others. It is our goal to take our mission to love Jesus, love others, and serve within the Kewaskum area.

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Progress Update: 9-22-22

Our Vision for Church Planting

Wayne Elementary School:

FAQ's About Wayne Elementary Location

Are we purchasing or leasing the space?

  • We would lease the site for 2 years with an option to purchase at the end.  The potential purchase price is yet to be finalized.

How much will this cost annually?

  • The lease would be $170,000 spread over 2 years.  If we purchase the building, these payments would be reduced from the purchase price.
  • We expect to manage general building expenses (gas, electric, phone, internet, lawn, snow, maintenance) as efficiently as possible, just as we do with the current location.

What is the expense to renovate the space for a church?

  • This depends on how many people are committed to attending and how much space we expect to need to use.  We are anticipating we will need to raise $200,000 to complete the updates necessary.

Are we considering a school?

  • Yes, but not immediately.  Christian education is very important in our current culture, and this would seem to be a great location.  If we lease this space, we will then build a team to vet the potential of opening a Christian school.

When would the church begin to meet? Who is preaching?

  • Depending on the needed upgrades, we are anticipating meeting here in October with a larger, public launch occurring before Thanksgiving.
  • Pastor Vince will be the site pastor at this location and will be the primary speaking pastor. Pastor Adam will preach at this site about once a month.

What will Discovery Land look like?

  • Discovery Land will have nursery for ages 0-3 and a preschool-5th grade large group class. Teachers will rotate every other week teaching so that they are able to participate in the worship service as well.

Kewaskum Site Launch Team: