Strengthening Marriages

Through  the Word of God

". . . each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband."  

Ephesians 5:33

Check the opportunities below:

  • Trained Mentor Couples
  • Biblically-based guidance and truth
  • Meet once per week for 6-10 weeks

In partnership with Love & Respect and Dare to Be Different:

Mentor couple walks the mentored couple through issues toward solutions

Couples acquire valuable tools to build a stonger marriage.

Testimony from a mentored couple:  Recently my wife and I  went through the marriage mentoring course.

I definitely recommend this class to anyone who truly wants to strengthen or fight for their marriage.  

Through our deeper conversations and heated moments, our mentors, with Christ like love and patience, 

were right there to show us ways to "Love & Respect" one another using negotiating tactics with "Round the

Bases". Though we're still maturing in our marriage every day, this class has definitely helped us

communicate so much better than the crazy cycles we were trapped in.

Schedule to meet with a pastor to begin the Marriage Mentoring program.

Following a meeting with a pastor complete the Mentor Request Forms, if you are interested in being mentored:

There is a minimal fee of $50 (make checks payable to Community Church)

Submit forms and payment to:
Community Church ~ 2005 S Main St West Bend, WI 53095