a study of the book of revelation

Weekly Study Wednesday Evenings

6:30-8:00 p.m.

Community Church Worship Center

Bible Teacher - Pastor Adam Baker

Discussion Group Leader - Steve Dauster

The book of Revelation is a unique look at the redemptive work of God through Christ, both in the past, the present, and the yet to come.  Come join us as we study the grace, majesty, and promises that have been and will be fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  We will study both as a collective group and have small group breakout sessions for discussion.

Have you ever wanted to study the Book of Revelation, but felt overwhelmed? Now's the time! Join us for a complete study of the Book of Revelation.

Angels, creatures, beasts, and horsemen.  Scrolls, seals, bowls, and trumpets.  What does it all mean? Join us as we extensively study the Book of Revelation and see Christ in all His victorious glory!

If you know of others who may be interested in this vivid book of Revelation, please invite them to join us!

Please contact Adam (wbcc.adam@gmail.com) or Steve (steve.dauster@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

Faith Foundations

Families are invited to join this Sunday morning discussion.

Weekly opportunity for families to explore foundations of our faith.

Topic prepared for children and adults.

The Catacombs - 10:10 - 10:40 a.m.

Ministry Leader: Steve Dauster & Michael Strand

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