• Family Sunday March 31st

    Preschool - 6th Grade NO CLASS

    Children will remain in the service.

    Parents sign up your children to help with the 10:45 a.m. Worship service at the Children's desk this Sunday, 3/24.

  • Early Childhood Discovery Land - 6 weeks to 3 years

    9:00 Am and 10:45 am Sunday  and

    7:00 pm  Thursday Nights                               

    6 weeks to 3 years - Providing a safe loving environment - approved and trained volunteers are available to meet the needs of your children while you are free to participate in the worship service. Age appropriate activities may include: reading Bible stories, singing songs about our Savior, creative playtime, holding them in loving arms, demonstrating godly behavior and praying for each one.

    Drop off:  Crawler & Walker Classroom located in Discovery Land Wing

  • Discovery Land - 3 years to 2nd grade  

    10:45 am Sunday

    and 7:00 pm Thursday Nights

    3yr through 2nd grade - Providing an energized, safe environment offering age appropriate activities to point your child to Jesus. The Bible-based curriculum utilizes a variety of modalities to assist the young child on their spiritual journey including: stories, music, games, crafts and God honoring relationships with peers and teachers. Our approved and trained teachers and assistants are available to answer your questions.

    Drop Off:  Chapel

    Preschool Class - 3 years to 5 years (not yet in Kindergarten) 

    Kindergarten Class - 5 years and in Kindergarten

    Drop Off:  Fellowship Center

    1st & 2nd Grade Class

  • Discovery Land - 3rd - 6th grade

    10:45 am Sunday

    and 7:00 pm Thursday Nights                                                              

    3rd-6th grade students are sure to enjoy the fast paced lessons, in this Bible-based curriculum.   All activities engage the student to KNOW RIGHT, THINK RIGHT, DO RIGHT and then FEEL RIGHT based on the Word of God.  Trained instructors enjoy serving your child & helping them discover God's plan for their lives through Jesus Christ. 

    Drop Off:  Fellowship Center