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about groups

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining a group, please contact the Church Office or Dan Kelm.

We have several types of Catalyst groups available:

  • Sermon-Based
  • Core-Seminar Studies
  • Book Studies & Other Curriculum
  • Age Specific


     Sermon-based groups focus on going through questions designed for interaction and application of the scripture, the message, and the challenges presented from the previous weekend's services.  These groups are designed to be highly relational.

Core-Seminar Studies

     Core-seminar studies are courses that are designed to dive into different topics of Christian faith, maturity, and theology.  These groups are learning-based within an interactive environment.

Book Studies and Other Curriculum

     These groups offer the best of both deeper study into a specific topic, as well as relational interaction and participation.

Age Specific

     While there are "larger" ministries focusing on different age groups, the age specific Catalyst groups offer smaller formats and specific study allowing for more interactive growth to occur and closer relationships to be built with those at a similar stage of life.